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End of 2010 Season Musings - Laissez le bon temps rouler!
End of 2010 Season Musings
Well, I'm long overdue for a brain dump, and there's no better time than the end of my 2011 racing season.   I use the term "racing" loosely, as 2010 brought many changes in my life, and racing just wasn't meant to be a big part of the equation.

Some of the changes I refer to are:  new home, new office location, new girlfriend.  The first two effected my training somewhat, as it took me a while to get used to a new training routine, different routes to/from workouts, and getting used to training at different times (T3 changing their workout times every few months).  And the last one left me with not much desire to train all of the time.  

With that said, my 2011 race season consisted of the following:
1. Houston Half Marathon (1:55ish( (I had originally signed up for the full marathon, but upon purchase of my home, that became more of a priority than running.)  It was amazing I didn't injure myself, the longest long run I had done for this race was 7 miles, and my running was sporadic at best.  I averaged 10 miles/week leading up to the race.

2. Austin Triathlon (2:58ish) With having to buy plenty of furniture and other things for my home, and already spending plenty of money for Ironman training, I had no desire to spend more money on race entry fees. Thus, the Austin Tri became my training race for Ironman Arizona.  This was my first triathlon since Ironman Couer d'Alene 2009, and I honestly forgot everything that went into preparing for race day.

3. Ironman Arizona (13:29ish) I could not be happier to have this race behind me.  Lacking any desire to train for this race, the only reason I completed this race was stubborness.  I really was too stubborn to cancel my registration for the race, and get my $150 back.  I had lost any desire to train early in 2010, yet i continued to half-heartedly train in hopes that my motivation would come back.  All in all, the race was amazing, and glad I went through with it, and got to share it with several IM first-timer teammates. An IMAZ race report will be coming soon.

Now that IMAZ is over, there are several things I plan on pursuing other than races.  I'll continue to train on a regular basis, but racing will be a low priority. Here are a few things I'll delve into in 2011:
  • Further my career by pursuing additional clients and new endeavors;
  • Cook more often, with emphasis on healthy eating;
  • Get involved with my property owners association;
  • Meet my neighbors;
  • Visit museums, arthouses, etc.;
  • See live music (Elephant Room, Cedar Street, Austin Music Hall, etc.);
  • See comedy, improv and other live acts;
  • Take up trail running/exploring;
  • Travel more (trips to New York, Boston and New Zealand in the works)
I am grateful and blessed for so many things, and having the ability to train and do the things I've done are an amazing gift that I don't take for granted.  I'm looking forward to an exciting 2011, and my "offseason"!

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